Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Can We Ever Have Time, If We Never Take Time?

For you Matrix fans out there, in the 2nd installment "Matrix - Reloaded", the Frenchman says the title of this blog post to Neo & Company. That statement couldn't be more true!

There are so many things we wish to do in life, but the most common reason why very few of those aspirations are ever accomplished is "If I Only Had The Time".

Whether it's taking a class, starting a new business, beginning an exercise program, building the tree house, starting a garden, or spending time with friends & relatives, how can any of these things get done if we don't make the time.

Health & time.......the two most important commodities that exist. The more time we take to be healthy, not just physically but mentally & emotionally, the better able we become at enjoying the time we have. Health & time, they are intertwined.

Of course it's not always easy to find the time we need to accomplish the things we want, but it's not impossible. Budget time like you would budget a dollar. Spend less time on a computer or video game, reduce the amount of time spent in front of a TV, make to-do lists (daily), stop hitting the snooze button etc. Maybe those little changes equal a time savings of 30 - 45 minutes a day. It doesn't sound like much, but at the end of the week that adds up to 3.5 + hours that can be devoted to family, reading, studying, writing, business building, or any other goal you may have set for yourself that you originally thought you didn't have the time for.

We can't control the hands of time, but we can control what we do with it..........the choice is yours!

Scott Fleurant
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Owner/Fitness Director at Impact Fitness Center

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Scale Is Not Your Friend!

The reason for the title of this blog is simple; its how I feel. The scale is a tool, but it’s certainly not an end all be all.

Whether you’re training to get huge, toning up, or leaning out; you’re trying to add muscle. A pound of muscle is equal to a pound of fat in weight, but not in density. A pound of muscle is much denser than a pound of fat, and will take up less space. As a person loses body fat, ideally, there will be an increase in lean muscle mass. Over time an increase in muscle, and decrease in body fat will mean changes in how your clothes fit, a leaner appearance, a more shapely body, more strength & energy, but not necessarily large changes in weight.

Another tool you may or may not be aware of is what’s called a BMI (body mass index). A BMI is a good tool for sedentary people, but not for those who a very active, and carry a good amount of muscle mass. Like a scale, a BMI does not distinguish between lean mass, and body fat.

A good tool for monitoring your progress is a body composition test. Several sites are measured on the body using a caliper. Those results are then figured into a formula to obtain your body fat %. For men, a good range is 12-18%, while a good range for women is 18-25%.

My favorite tool, however, is how I look in the mirror, and how my clothes fit. I don’t need a scale, or caliper to tell me I can see my top set of abs, or that my pants are tighter in my butt, but looser around my waist.

If you are going to use a scale, use it at most once per week and at the same time of day (ideally first thing in the morning). If you use a caliper test (use a certified trainer who has experience in providing this test), use that same person all the time. This will keep the test consistent.

As I finish this, I ask one thing of you. Do not let any positive feed back you receive from the mirror, your friends & loved ones, your pant size, or your performance be negated by a number on the scale.

Scott Fleurant
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3.21.10 Workout

Sunday 3:30pm

Upper Body Pull

Warm-up: seal jacks/x-jacks/basic jacks/bent knee iron cross/supine straight leg raise/band static pec stretch x 2/external rotation 8lbs x 2 sets of 12/internal rotation stretch x 2

  1. Lat Pulldown - 50lbx20/100x5/150x5/200x5/250x5/260x5
  2. Bent Barbell Row - 135x/225x5/255x5
  3. 1 Arm Row - 125x8/125x8
  4. Seated High Pulley Row - 150 x 3 sets of 8
  5. Dumbell Curl - (1 set) 60x3>45x4>30x7 (drop set)
  6. JC Band Bicep Curls 15/10/10 .30 sec rest between sets
  7. DB Wrist Curls - 40x10/40x8/30x12
  8. Zotman Curls - 20x10/20x10
  9. Single Leg Standing Calf Raise - 3x8
  10. Seated Calf Raise - 70 x 3 sets of 12

Static stretch hams, calves, lats, triceps, biceps, forearm flexors.

Foam rolled quads.

Time to complete: 75 minutes.

Post workout: 1 serving P90X Results & Recovery Drink mixed w/ 1 serving of BSN Cell Mass.

Awesome workout! Next sessions is Legs/Shoulders/Traps/Core.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3/17/10 Workout

Wednesday 5:15pm

Upper Body Pull + Core

Warm-up: Pelvic bridge/supine straight leg raise/bent knee iron cross/bird dogs/weigted calf+achilles stretch/x-jacks/seal-jacks/basic-jacks/band static pec stretch/internal rotation stretch
  1. Lat Pulldowns - 1x20/50lbs, 1x10/100lbs
  2. Chin-Ups - 1x8/1x7
  3. Bent Rows - 135x6,180x6,225x6,250x5
  4. Wide Hammer Row - 140x8,190x8,210x8,210x8
  5. Single Arm Lat Pulldown - 70x6,70x7
  6. J-Pulldowns - 120x12,150x15
  7. Seated Dumbell Power Cleans - 20x8,20x8
  8. Barbell Curls 95x6.115x6,115x6 drop to 65x9
  9. Iso-hold Dumbell Curls - 20x8,20x8
  10. Standing DB Wrist Curl 40x15,50x12,40x15
  11. Sprinter Sit-Ups - 2x10
  12. Long Arm Sit-Up - 2x10
  13. Bicycle Kicks - 2x25

Minimal post workout static stretching (no time). Rested between 60 - 90 seconds on all exercises (30 seconds between core exercises).

Had a pre-workout caffine drink, and a post workout 4 part carb - 1 part protein drink (P90X Results & Recovery) w/creatine (BSN Cell Mass).

A great workout. The diet has been back on track for 3 days, and has made me feel so much better.

I will try to post more workouts as time allows.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Strength Training Program Is The Best Ever!

The evolution of the health & fitness industry has led to a myriad of fitness programs at one’s disposal. From decade to decade clothes, music, technology, and medicine change. The science behind exercise & nutrition is no different.

From Arthur Jones of the 70’s Nautilus craze, and his concept - HIT training, to traditional bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, functional training, the Russian Conjugated Method, Western Periodization http, Cross Fit, TRX Training, P90X, steady state cardio, interval training, Tabata, and too many more to mention here; you can see where such rapid changes could become a little confusing.

To cut down on the confusion, you need to identify a few things:
1. What are you training for, and what is your goal
2. What are your current abilities
3. What is the time/frequency that you have available to train
4. Does your facility or space provide what you need to perform the given exercises

Once you have identified the items above, do a little research. Training like a bodybuilder to become a better defensive end in football is probably not your best option. Use Google to find literature on athletic training, talk to a certified strength & conditioning specialist at your local health club, use Youtube to find training videos, spend some time at a book store or library. The resources are there……use them!

Another thing to consider is this, generally all programs have value. Depending on where you’re starting at, and what the desired result is, will determine which programs will provide the most benefit to you.

One thing for sure, there is no reason to be stuck in a rut. With so many options available, you should be changing programs every 2 to 6 weeks. Variety will keep you mentally invigorated, and force a continual adaptive response by your muscles & nervous system.

Train hard, but better yet, train smart.

Scott Fleurant
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

On Friday 2/5/10 I made my usual afternoon stop at the post office, and as usual I sorted through my mail next to the recycle bin in order to quickly dispose of all the junk mail I get. As I was sorting I came across an envelope that had my name and address typed, but no return address. It seemed odd, but I opened it. Inside was a folded piece of printing paper with a $50 Mobil gift card tucked inside. I couldn't believe it. I looked over the envelope to see where it was post marked, looked inside it, and on each side of the paper it was tucked in for some sort of note......nothing!

I walked back to my truck smiling, and being thankful, but also feeling guilty. I thought to myself, why haven't I done something like this before. How hard would it be? Not that I've never done anything nice for anyone, but what this person did, without even giving me a way to thank them, was truly kind!

To conclude this blog, I challenge you, as well as myself to perform some act of random kindness each day for someone whether you know them or not. Holding a door open, carrying someone's groceries, pushing a random person's car out of the snow, shoveling an elderly persons front step, or mailing a gift card without a way for them to thank you. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did this at least one time per day.

Whomever sent me the gift card, if you're out there, I thank you!

Scott Fleurant

Monday, January 18, 2010

A dog does not bark at a parked car! ~ Larry Zimberg

What the quote in the title is referring to is people’s willingness to rain on others parades. Have you ever decided to try something different in your life only to be met with “Why would you want to do that”?

Drifting through life very seldom ever makes someone take notice. Do something out of the ordinary however, and there’s a lot of feedback. There’s some positive feedback, and a whole lot of negative.

I remember when I became a personal trainer; I had people telling me I was crazy. Basically telling me I would fail before I even tried. I had a good job, great benefits, and worked for a strong company. Why would I want to leave? The reason was simple; I hated it. I would rather try something that I had a passion for, and fail, then be stuck in a job I hated for the rest of my life. Fortunately I had a tremendous amount of support from my then wife. It’s been a long road, and almost gave up on it many times, but here I am, still standing, and with a pretty good business……despite the naysayers.

In April of 2000 I had the privilege of donating bone marrow to unknown recipient through the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I don’t talk about this to many people, but I’m sharing it to make a point. I actually had people ask me why I would do that for someone I didn’t know. BECAUSE I CAN! Should it matter if I know the person? Are you kidding me? If you have the chance to help someone out, do it. It may come full circle!

Listen, if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life, further your education, try a new career path, and sacrifice a small part of yourself to help someone; weigh the positives/negatives, do your homework, seek support from those closest to you, but if you are met along the way with negativity, don’t let it deter you from accomplishing your goals……from finding your place in the sun.

Conceive it, believe it, and achieve it!

All my best,
Scott Fleurant