Monday, October 12, 2009

Pro-active, or re-active. Which are you?

So, as i was driving home from work Friday afternoon, i said to myself.......why is it that so many people wait until they have to eat healthier, and have to exercise before they actually do it?

Unfortunately, that's what many of us do. We wait until we have a health condition before making an attempt to live a healthier life. Whether it's blood pressure, blood sugar, back pain, decreased mobility, or any number of other issues.......we wait. My question is.......why?

Well, i don't have the answer, but what I do know is this: being re-active to your health has a negative impact on quality of life, can be painful, and expensive. Lost wages, and medical expenses can add up. Not being able to participate in your favorite recreational activities, i.e. golf, skiing, basketball, and many others, can be very depressing. Not that many conditions can't be improved, controlled, or negated. But, why take the chance??

I often hear, "I need to get in shape BEFORE going to the gym, or hiring a trainer". WHAT? That is not rational. It just delays an effective way to improve your health, and allows more time for the conditions related to not taking care of ourselves to set in.

Listen, being pro-active with our health is a great way to improve the quality our lives. Improved health, mobility, strength, bone density, a stronger immune system, stress relief.....the list goes on. To be able to continue the activities we love at a high level for as long as possible......there is no price you can put on that!

Scott Fleurant