Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trainers fall off the wagon too....

My topic for this blog is based on my own personal experiences. With the holidays upon us, and with the many gatherings that take place this time of year, it's very easy to fall astray with our diet and exercise goals. I'm included in that group!

Growing up, I as about a skinny as you could get. My freshman football program had me listed at 5'9 120 lbs. Talk about frail! I went through the whole self esteem deal. Picked on, made fun of etc. By my junior year of high school I was full blown into bodybuilding. How big could I get, and how fast could I make it happen where my only concerns. I would lift in my dads cellar, walk over to McDonald's, and consume a Big-Mac meal, chocolate shake, 6 piece chicken nugget, and an apple pie (I did this often), doubles at lunch, sneak snacks into class, and always ate everything on my plate! I ate many healthy foods too, but I ate EVERYTHING, and a lot of it!!

Many people don't realize that the mental issues that go with losing weight, can be very similar to those trying to gain weight. I hated being skinny, and one way or another, I wasn't going to stay skinny!

This brings me to the present. Some of the habits I developed in my teen years while trying to gain weight still exist today. I usually keep them in check, but sometimes I let them get the best of me. Most of the year I have no issues maintaining healthy eating habits, and missing my workouts is never an issue anytime of year. That being said, the lulls I experience in my eating habits really limit the benefits of my exercise program. The holidays are tough for me, as is the summer. Bills Pizza, Pier Fries, and Huots haddock sandwiches find there way into my diet all to often between June and August.

I'm writing this because I'm in one of those funks right now. Writing about it may help me do something about it. I know it won't be a long term issue, but it is negatively effecting the goals I have set for my 40th birthday in April.

I'm also writing this to convey to you, that even though I'm a personal trainer, I'm not without issues. Many trainers have had weight, health, self-esteem, and injury issues. I think that's how many of us got into this field. So, if you are having these issues......talk to us. More than likely, we will understand, and may be able to relate. Remember, falling off the wagon isn't permanent. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, leave the errors in our ways behind us, and focus on the goals that lay in front of us. You can do it!

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