Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Project Resurrection" My Return to The Bodybuilding Stage ~ Installment 1

Resurrection as defined by dictionary.com: a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival. Based on this definition you can see why I titled this attempt to return to the bodybuilding stage "Project Resurrection", because that's what it is......A RISING AGAIN!

I've spent the last quarter century of my life in a gym, and almost the last 15 years as a personal trainer. I've been so focused on helping others reach their fitness goals that I've lost sight of my own. Maybe I've burnt out somewhat, maybe I got sick of carrying a cooler with me everywhere I went, maybe I don't have the drive to work around aches & pains, or maybe I've just gotten lazy!

I've become one of those people, who after not exercising in quite some time, you'll often hear say "I'm getting back into it". I've also become a stress eater for the first time in my life. I used to be a stress non-eater. If I was overly stressed looking at food made me queasy, so I could never grasp the concept of eating to make yourself feel better. I have full comprehension of stress eating now. Good tasting, greasy food would make me feel so much better.......for about 5 minutes. The stress of a couple of job changes over the last 10 months, starting my own business, promoting my first bodybuilding show, and finances has taken it's toll on my nutrition, my exercise, my energy levels, and my overall self esteem. Ultimately everything is a choice, and now I'm choosing to do something about it!

A big part of making progress in any area of our lives is to set goals. I've set a goal of returning to the bodybuilding stage sometime between March & April of 2013. The last time I competed was in 2006, and I sucked. I had lost my drive to do the work necessary to step on a bodybuilding show, and got on a stage I knew I shouldn't have been on. I retired from bodybuilding after that show, but retiring on a sour note has never set well with me.......the only problem is that I was never willing to do anything about it......until now!

Promoting my first bodybuilding show has ignited a spark in my that has long been dormant, and as I go through the process of "resurrecting" this body in preparation for next spring I'm going to blog about my ups, my downs, and everything in between. I plan on posting bi-weekly. My hope is that not only will putting myself out there publicly will keep me on track, but that I may inspire others who have lost sight of their passion & their goals whatever they may be.

Depending on which show I do next spring I'll be either 42 or 43, and I'm going to prove that age is just a number!

I hope you'll follow me during this journey.

Scott Fleurant
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Owner/Fitness Director:
Impact Fitness Center