Friday, April 5, 2013


Merriam-Webster's definition of PERSEVERANCE:

"continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering."

The Maine State Health & Fitness Expo featuring The 2013 OCB Pine Tree State ~ Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships is upon us, and as I lay here I'm reflecting on what's lead myself, and the show to this point.

In 2010, having lost the desire to compete in bodybuilding, but still wanting to be involved in the sport, I decided to throw my hat into the ring as a promoter. Having been around the sport for 2 decades I felt as though I could be a good promoter, I just didn't know how to go about getting started.

First I reached out to friends that had also been around the sport for many years, and started building a small team in which to bounce ideas off. I then contacted the OCB in regards to getting a sanction. I felt drug free promotion was the way to go with sport, and the OCB gave the green light for me to promote a spring show in Maine.

In 2010 I contacted a venue from the hay day of bodybuilding in Maine during the late 80's to early 90's, and got it! A great start! We where putting together a 3 day event to take place in April of 2011. Friday: The first MMA tournament in the state. Saturday: The debut of the OCB Pine Tree State. Sunday: An APF Bench Press Meet. All the pieces where falling into place......or so I thought!

The state of Maine pulled the plug on the MMA tournament several weeks before the show. Though it had become legal in Maine, the committee created to promulgate the rules of MMA in Maine had yet do day one of the Maine State Health & Fitness Expo was gone, and with it many sponsors.

More problems. Ten days before the first OCB Pine Tree State I only had 7 registered competitors. I get it. A new Maine......with an new & unknown promoter. Who wants to risk competing in that? At this point, the entire show was cancelled, and 2011 was gone.

I don't know, maybe it was to big an event to soon in my promoting career. In any case, I was very disappointed in myself. I stepped away, and took a break; contemplating if it was something I wanted to do again.

Blessings in disguise! After some time had passed, I decided to press forward with a 1 day event in 2012. Reduce the size of the event, and get good at it, then go from there. I contacted the same venue, but was shot down! Then I got shot down at several others. I got back to thinking about giving up, about QUITTING!

The wonders of Facebook: Through a chance friend connection on Facebook I was turned on to the Westbrook Performing Arts Center. I checked it out online.....WOW! I contacted the manager, Jamie, and explained my event. He welcomed it with open arms, and there was my "Blessing In Disguise"

Planning for 2012 was in full steam! I put the staff together, and we got busy. Doing a one day show made things so much more simple, and the venue accommodated almost every request. Not everything went smoothly, but all the problems where fixable. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm an ideas guy, but I often miss the small details. The day of the 2012 show, one hour before the competitor meeting two of my judges where helping me fill out all the paperwork I had missed, and it was a lot! Like I said, the problems where fixable.

The 2012 show had 30 competitors, and 200-250 people in attendance. Those are good numbers for a first year regional show! At the conclusion of the show I already had my sights set on 2013! What errors could I correct, and how I could make it better!

So here we are, on the eve of 2013 Maine State Health & Fitness Expo featuring the OCB Pine Tree State, all of us having PERSEVERED though times of difficulty & self doubt.

With that said, I want to applaud all those competing Saturday for having the courage to follow your dreams, and I want to thank all those that helped, encouraged, supported, and put their faith in my ability to put this together!


Sincerely, Scott Fleurant
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Owner: Impact Fitness Center
Promoter: Maine State Health & Fitness Expo

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